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Evaluation of the Preventive Program Unplugged: Cannabis Drugs Use



Randomized school-based prevention controlled trial on effectivity of the Unplugged - preventive intervention took place in school year 2007/2008. Aims: Introduce preliminary results of effectiveness of the intervention on cannabis drugs use.

Methods/Design: Randomized school-based prevention controlled trial; using the ESPAD 2004 questionnaire; baseline test and 4 subsequent follow-ups: 1, 3, 12 & 15 months after the intervention. Study sample: Experimental arm (test N = 1022, 4th retest N = 948), control arm (test N = 854, 4th retest N = 853).

Results: Statistically signifficant differences in favour of intervention group in cannabis drugs use were observed 12 & 15 months after the intervention.