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Treatment of diabetes in patients with kidney and liver

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine, Third Faculty of Medicine |


Authors tried to create a publication dealing with a comprehensive view on the issue of treatment of diabetic patients with kidney or liver disease. Especially in the last decade to gain new knowledge about the number of diabetic nephropathy and the development of new treatments, not only in the prevention and early stages of nephropathy, but also with regard to the treatment of patients with renal failure on the basis of diabetes.

A similar situation can be seen in liver disease in diabetics. The aim of the present work is to provide an overview of selected information on the incidence, morphology, pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of kidney and liver in patients with diabetes, as well as detailed information on antidiabetic treatment of these patients, whose choice is due to renal or hepatic insufficiency often significantly limited.

Finally, it includes a chapter dealing with the pharmacokinetics of drugs, especially in view of practical information on drug dosing and interactions in the most common cases of renal or hepatic insufficiency.