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Self-measuring of blood pressure at home among patients of GPs in the Czech Republic

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine |


The aim of this project was to compare BP measured at home with BP measured in the doctor’s office and to support the significance of home-measuring. The project was prospective, multicentric and open project. 281 Physicians and 569 patients (51% men, median age 56 yrs) with newly diagnosed or with ACEI or sartans-treated 1st grade hypertension were enrolled.

BP was measured by the physician when entering the project, in 4 weeks and in 3 months of monitoring. Patients measured their BP in the morning and in the evening 4 days before visiting the physician.

It was not proved that the home-measured BP should be lower than the office-measured one. BP at the end of the study was lower than in the beginning (p<0,001).

This might be due to a better compliance in this group of patients.