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Steroid metabolome in plasma from the umbilical artery, umbilical vein, maternal cubital vein and in amniotic fluid in normal and preterm labor

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine |


Despite the extensive research during the last six decades the fundamental questions concerning the role of steroids in the initiation of human parturition and origin and function of some steroids in pregnancy were not definitely answered. Based on steroid metabolomic data found in the literature and our so far unpublished results, we attempted to bring new insights concerning the role of steroids in the sustaining and termination of human pregnancy, and predictive value of these substances for estimation of term.

We also aimed to explain enigmas concerning the biosynthesis of progesterone and its bioactive catabolites considering the conjunctions between placental production of CRH, synthesis of bioactive steroids produced by fetal adrenal, localization of placental oxidoreductases and sustaining of human pregnancy.