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Broad genetic issues in lung cancer

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine |


Lung cancer belongs to the most frequent neoplastic diseases in the world.Both the lung tumour morbidity and mortality are growing in the Czech Republic,too;actually mainly in women.However the disease is mostly connected with the smoking of cigarettes,the genetic factors play important role in its origin,progression, treatment and prognosis.Lung cancer is a considerably heterogeneous disease(e.g. individual histotypes)and only rarely a component of hereditary cancer syndromes.It is considered as a multifactorial disease with contribution of multiple genes and marked environmental influence(active or passive smoking, industrial pollutants etc.).Principal trends of actual research are directed,on the level of large population samples,to genome-wide association studies(GWAS)of the predisposition to the lung cancer (and as well as to the smoking habitus),to the cancerogenesis on the level of a cancer cell,to the genetic determinants of the metastasizing and to the pharmacogenetics of anti-tumour therapy.