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Interaction of common sequence variants and selected risk factors in determination of HDL cholesterol levels.

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine |


The aim of our study was to assess the association of common sequence variants, and selected interactions, with HDL-c plasma levels. We analysed 743 individuals (340 men and 403 women) with high mean triglyceride and LDL-c levels.

The association of five polymorphic sites (ABCA1 g.1051G>A, APOA1 g.-75G>A, CETP g.-629C>A, HNF1A g.102A>C, and LIPG g.584C>T), apoE isoforms and selected interactions with HDL-c levels were evaluated using linear regression models. After adjusting for triglycerides, sex, and BMI the only genotype with a statistically significant effect on HDL-c levels (p-value=0.004) was the CETP promoter variant.

Further, linear regression model with interactions included indicated possible interplay between APOA1 genotype and menopause (p-value=0.002) and ABCA1 and APOE isoforms (p-value=0.017) on HDL-c plasma concentration. Our study indicated that not only the CETP variant but also apoE isoforms and menopause could operate as potent modulators of HDL-c concentrations.