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Deferral of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty of intermediate stenosis based on myocardial fractional flow reserve measurement

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Second Faculty of Medicine |


Myocardial fractional flow reserve is an invasive index based on coronary pressure measurement during pharmacologically-induced hyperemia. This invasive method has been recently introduced into clinical practice.

Compared to the morphological approach for assessment of coronary stenosis severity, fractional flow reserve is based on evaluation of the functional significance of coronary stenosis. A value of 0,75 identifies stenosis with hemodynamic significance.

The main limitations of this method are described. The authors focused on assessment of the significance of intermediate coronary stenosis and the possible deferral of intervention as one very important indication of a fractional flow reserve use.

The use of fractional flow reserve identifies patients who will benefit from deferral of coronary intervention.