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Man in Good and Poor Health: Health Support and Disease Prevention in Old Age

Publication at Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen |


This book, written for participants in courses offered through the universities of the third age, presents basic information in somatology, selected diseases related to old age, and health and social issues related to ageing and old age. Focusing on pathogenetic and salutogenetic views of old age and ageing, it contains the most important basic information on disease prevention and health support in old age, healthy lifestyle and the psychology of old age as well as current information concerning social security.

The text requires basic knowledge of common health-related issues, while supplying current scientific findings and trends in the development of health care and social aid. The book consists of three sections.

The first one focuses on somatology, the second presents selected chapters in clinical disciplines with regard to the specifics of old age, while the third section includes information on the health and social aspects and social security in old age. All chapters emphasize preventive care, healthy ageing and health support in old age.

The book was primarily written for students of universities and academies of the third age, however it certainly also contains useful information for students of undergraduate courses at medical and social-science faculties.