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Political security risks for tourism: The spatial perception of the Middle East by potential Czech tourists



Safety and security aspects represent crucial factors that influence tourist behavior. This process is not always rational but rather based on perception.

Tourism in the examined area of the Middle East operates in an environment of political security risks, but the region also represents some geographic and geopolitical ideas that are still absent in the Czech scientific milieu. Our research analyzes the perception of political security risks for incoming tourism in the Middle East from the perspective of potential Czech tourists.

The main research tool, a questionnaire, collected data (2016) that were analyzed with the help of descriptive statistics and statistical inference. Findings indicate that potential Czech tourists spatially do not generalize risks in the Middle East.

Nevertheless, an inner circle with spill-over effect can be identified. Surprisingly, results show a relatively optimistic perception of risks.

Sociodemographic features, such as gender, age, and travel characteristics (especially psychographic type of tourist) play an important role in the perception.