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Method for vacuum conductivity estimation for engineering use

Publication at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport |


The paper focuses on the vacuum conductivity of high vacuum elements. The aim of the paper is to find a fast-use calculation method for determination of vacuum conduction in molecular flow mode for basic elements of vacuum chambers.

Work on the described computational model can be divided into two steps. The first step is to create your own computational model on the basis of literature.

The second step is a series of measurements that verify the accuracy of the calculation approach and allow it to determine its error (uncertainty). The proposed method is also tested on model examples using the Monte-Carlo method in MolFlow+ software.

In addition, the verification process continues, however, for some geometries and vacuum parameters, the results are already experimentally validated and excellent conformity can be noted (deviation has not yet exceeded 10% of the measured values) allowing for seamless use of the method in engineering work.