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New Polyampholyte Polymers Based on Polypropylene Glycol Fumarate with Acrylic Acid and Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate

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The possibility of preparing new polyampholyte polymers based on polypropylene glycol fumarate-acrylic acid-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate terpolymers was demonstrated. The main relationships of radical terpolymerization in dioxane, including binary systems participating in the terpolymerization, were studied.

The block lengths, transition probabilities, and Harwood block structure parameter were calculated for the terpolymers from the copolymerization constants for the binary systems. These parameters reflect the arrangement of the macroradicals in the chain.

The morphology of the polymer surface was studied by scanning electron microscopy, and the surface pore size was estimated. The influence of organic solvents and pH on the sample swelling was studied, and the isoelectric point (pH 6.00) of the terpolymer was determined.