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Settlement Structure of the Chios Island during the Bronze Age Period

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The aim of this contribution is to introduce first results originating from a project focusing on settlement structure of the North-Eastern Aegean islands Chios and Lesbos, together with adjacent areas during the Bronze Age. The island of Chios is particularly important in the socalled Eastern Aegean - Western Anatolian Interface and the main reason for studying and analysing this area anew is the absence of an overall assessment of the settlement structure in the so-called Upper Interface.

In the past, the attention was paid mainly to the third Millennium BC, the period of Early Bronze Age, during which was formed a complex society that was on the threshold of the urban development stage. Focusing on the area of Upper Interface, the main aim is to present a new assessment of settlement structure, transformation of insular habitation, introduce more detailed approach in description and interpretation of newly obtained data and to show settlement's continuity or discontinuity in the Bronze Age period on the island of Chios.

The stress will be put on the settlement pattern and its transformation in time during Early, Middle and Late Bronze Age, covering approximately two thousand years. The presented data will be accompanied by relevant material showing the connectivity of the Chios island both with Anatolian and Mycenaean cultures.