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Paradoxes and Excesses of the Czechoslovak Ballet after 1948 Communist Coup d'état

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The analysis examines the scenic montage Peace! Dance Manifesto in 11 Acts (1951, co-created by J. Rey, E.

Gabzdyl, J. Šust, M. Kouřil and A. Švecová) in the context of post- 1948 cultural politics.

The essay combines the methodology of dispositif, as well as material analysis of the dance production. Examination of both Peace! and the current cultural-political dispositif reveals the ideological control over the original art production implemented by the ruling Communist Party.

Discussing concrete examples, the essay points out the projections of existing ideological priorities of the ruling party into the plot and aesthetic concept of Peace! This perspective broadens an insight into the paradoxical reflections of Peace! by the ballet ensemble of Prague National Theater, whose head was S. Machov, and by anonymous representatives of the ministerial bodies of Communist cultural policy.