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Removal of Ingested Magnetic Bodies via Laparoscopic Appendectomy

Publication at Second Faculty of Medicine |


Ingestion of a foreign body is a frequent diagnosis in the pediatric population. In a small percentage of cases, foreign bodies themselves are strong magnets, and swallowing of multiple magnetic bodies can lead to serious complications in the gastrointestinal tract.

Two consecutive case reports of patients who swallowed two magnetic beads are presented. In both cases, the abdominal radiograph described two magnets in contact, one in the area of the left hypochondrium and one in the right hypogastrium.

Attempts of endoscopic localization and removal were unsuccessful. Due to the failure of magnet progression, laparoscopic revision of the abdominal cavity was indicated in both patients on the 25th and 4th day after swallowing.

Using the magnetic forces between the magnets and the laparoscopic instruments, the foreign bodies were localized in the appendix of the first patient and in the cecum of the other one. The magnets were extracted together with the removal of the appendix in both patients.

This is one of the first articles describing the successful extraction of foreign magnetic bodies from the gastrointestinal tract via laparoscopic appendectomy.