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Is ultra low-dose CT with tin filtration useful for examination of SI joints? Can it replace X-ray in diagnostics of sacroiliitis?

Publication at Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen |


The first objective of our study was to determine the radiation exposure received by patients during tinfiltrated ultra-low-dose computed tomography (TFULDCT) of sacroiliac joints and to compare those to conventional X-ray doses. For comparison, we added a cohort examined by low-dose CT (LDCT) without tin filtration.

The second objective was to compare the results of TFULDCT and X-ray in the detection of sacroiliitis. s. Tin filtration helps to reduce CT radiation exposure to values lower than those resulting from CR.

TFULDCT offers better overall diagnostic performance than CR. Our results prove that TFULDCT can replace CR in the diagnosis of sacroiliitis in the radiographical stage of AxSpA