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Oral cavity complications in oncological and hemato-oncological patients

Publication at Central Library of Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, First Faculty of Medicine |


Background: Oral cavity injuries are very significant complications in the treatment of oncological and hemato-oncological patients. Preventive and curative interventions and patient education reduce the risk of complications and their consequences.

A working group of authors from professional groups prepared recommendations for care. Purpose: A basic summary of recommended interventions to prevent and treat oral cavity injuries in daily practice, defined on the basis of expert societies guidelines, trials, literature data and proven practice and on the consensus opinions of the authors group members.

Results: Preventive measures and patient education are essential in the approach to dealing with oral injuries in chemotherapy, radiotherapy, risky targeted treatment and osteonecrosis of the jaw. Local care products are an important element of care, in case of infections, their antimicrobial action is essential, in case of graft-versus-host disease or in connection with targeted oncological therapy, corticoids are used.

Conclusion: The recommended procedures contribute to the reduction of the development, severity and consequences of oral complications in oncological and hemato-oncological patients.