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Workplace for Demonstration of Electrochemical Migration Effect on Printed Circuit Boards

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine |


Electrochemical migration is one of the issues that appears due to specific conditions when the electrolytic solution is present between two neighbouring conductors with different electrical potentials. This article deals with a student's workplace, which demonstrates the electrochemical migration phenomena.

The workplace can be included as a part of practical education in labs. The students can directly observe the electrochemical migration process, respectively, the growth of dendrites at prepared, printed circuit boards (PCB).

The workplace is based on Peltier modules which enable to cool the sample (PCB) below dew point temperature. This ensures conditions for moisture condensation on the PCB with the following movement of metal ions in the presence of electric potential.

The students obtain knowledge and experience from the field of electrochemical migration processes, moisture and its condensation. One of the advantages is that the workplace can be captured with a camera, and it can be used as a part of on-line education.