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A Weakness of Wetting Balance Method during the Diagnostic of Connector Pins with Wetting Issue

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine |


The wetting balance method is used for the precise classification of solderability of chosen substrates by solder alloys. This work deals with a weakness of the wetting balance method during the wettability measurement of connectors with the wetting issue.

The wetting issues at examined pins connector appeared during the serial manufacturing production, and therefore, the connector pins were analysed using the wetting balance method. The wetting balance method showed a good wetting of the connector pins.

The wetted pins were examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to find the reason for the wetting issue. This analysis showed a non-wetted area at pins edges.

Following investigation of pins microsections using confocal/optical microscopy showed the reason for the wetting issue, when the surface finish was much thinner or was missing on the edges of the pin. This was the reason for the wetting issue of the connector pins in serial manufacturing, even though the wetting balance test showed good wettability results because most parts of the pin surface had good wetting.