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Sub-percent precision measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters with JUNO

Publication at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics |


JUNO is a multi-purpose neutrino observatory under construction in the south of China. This publication presents new sensitivity estimates for the measurement of the , , , and oscillation parameters using reactor antineutrinos, which is one of the primary physics goals of the experiment.

The sensitivities are obtained using the best knowledge available to date on the location and overburden of the experimental site, the nuclear reactors in the surrounding area and beyond, the detector response uncertainties, and the reactor antineutrino spectral shape constraints expected from the TAO satellite detector. It is found that the and oscillation parameters will be determined to 0.5% precision or better in six years of data collection.

In the same period, the parameter will be determined to about % precision for each mass ordering hypothesis. The new precision represents approximately an order of magnitude improvement over existing constraints for these three parameters.