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Ultrasound Imaging and Guidance for Cervical Myofascial Pain: A Narrative Review

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine |


Cervical myofascial pain is a very common clinical condition in the daily practice of musculoskeletal physicians. Physical examination is currently the cornerstone for evaluating the cervical muscles and identifying the eventual presence of myofascial trigger points.

Herein, the role of ultrasound assessment in precisely localizing them is progressively mounting in the pertinent literature. Moreover, using ultrasound, not only the muscle tissue but also the fascial and neural elements can be accurately located/evaluated.

Indeed, several potential pain generators, in addition to paraspinal muscles, can be involved in the clinical scenario of cervical myofascial pain syndrome. In this article, the authors extensively reviewed the sonographic approach for cervical myofascial pain in order to better diagnose or guide different procedures that can be performed in the clinical practice of musculoskeletal physicians.