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Categorisation of Open Government Data Literature



Background: Due to the emerging global interest in Open Government Data, research papers on various topics in this area have increased. Objectives: This paper aims to categorise Open government data research.

Methods/Approach: A literature review was conducted to provide a complete overview and classification of open government data research. Hierarchical clustering, a cluster analysis method, was used, and a hierarchy of clusters on selected data sets emerged.

Results: The results of this study suggest that there are two distinct clusters of research, which either focus on government perspectives and policies on OGD, initiatives, and portals or focus on regional studies, adoption of OGD, platforms, and barriers to implementation. Further findings suggest that research gaps could be segmented into many thematic areas, focusing on success factors, best practices, the impact of open government data, barriers/challenges in implementing open government data, etc.

Conclusions: The extension of the paper, which was first presented at the Entrenova conference, provides a comprehensive overview of research to date on the implementation of OGD and points out that this topic has already received research attention, which focuses on specific segments of the phenomenon and signifies in which direction new research should be made.