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Adolescents and the use of social networks. An analysis from the perspective of data science and natural language processing



Currently, the massive use of social networks significantly affects educational communities, especially students from sixth to eleventh grades, who are in puberty and adolescence stages, characterized by a search for acceptance and recognition, finding in this type of media the most appropriate way to do it. It is estimated that the Colombian population that uses social networks is approximately 39 million people, according to data from the We Find You, of these, 6.1% are active in social networks are in the school segment from sixth to the eleventh grade of according to; this percentage has been strongly affected by the isolation caused by the pandemic, increasing its proportion.

This work proposes the use of natural language processing algorithms to study the responses recorded by an instrument in students from Los Andes high school (Popayán), seeking to establish the grammatical polarity of their comments to find out the affectation of the students before the social network phenomena.