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Background: The article, in the form of a specific type of interview, is focused on dialogue between Eastern and Western Christians and the issue of their interaction in the present. Is it possible to really engage in converging dialogue or are we just widening the differences in this case? The article attempts to discover how to improve discussion on the relationship between the Christian East and West.

The interview focuses on issues related to ecumenical theology and perspective, with questions across various spectra, and reflects on related issues which are very relevant to contemporary society (such as ecology, care for the poorest, struggle for the values of justice) and which, in some cases, may have a significant impact on its future direction (for example, President Putin's legacy that will remain in society and influence it wholly,, including the ecclesiastical community. The interview was led by Mgr.

Daniela Bruhova, journalist, editor and presenter working in Czech Television, Czech Radio, TV Noe and also a postgraduate student at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Several theologists from the younger generation and other interesting personalities have been invited to discuss where we can find common lines and still-emerging different elements; including theologists from the Ecumenical Institute of the Protestant Theological Faculty in Prague: prof.

Ivana Noble ( pastor of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church) and Mgr. Katerina Kocandrle Bauer (Orthodox Church); from the Institute of Intercultural, Interreligious and Ecumenical Research and Dialogue of the Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology of Palacky University Olomouc, theologist Robert Svaton (Catholic Church); from the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven; the Department of Systematic Theology and Study of Religion, KU Leuven: Romanian theologist Viorel Coman Orthodox); war journalist, writer, politician, and member of the European Parliament until 2019 Ing.

Jaromir Stetina; journalist, Czech Radio commentator and translator from Russian, Libor Dvorak. Conclusion: In the conclusion, the article presents several applicable implications in relevant relation to the discussed issues.It also suggests some implications for possibilities of further investigation.