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Cross-country synthesis for the intervention phase, including specific recommendations for the intervention phase



This deliverable presents a theoretical reading of the main results of the team ethnography carried out by the Consortium's members (see VAX-TRUST Deliverable 4.4, Cardano et al. 2021), and led by the authors of these pages. The Deliverable opens (section 1) with a short reconstruction of the research design, focusing on case selection, namely, observation sites and participants involved in the in-depth interviews.

The following section (section 2) summarises the main national results of the ethnographic observation focalized on the interaction between parents and HCPs. The section illustrates, in a compact theoretical frame, the commonalities and specificities of the seven countries of the VAX-TRUST consortium.

Section 3 offers a theoretically-oriented typology of the parents' discourse on childhood vaccinations grounded in ethnographic evidence. More precisely, section 3 presents a set of ideal types of parents' discourses.

Besides its theoretical purpose, the typology of parents' discourses is meant to orient the interventions planned in the WP5 activities. Section 4 focuses on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on childhood vaccination practices in the different countries.

Finally, section 5 deepens the topic of governing vaccination, namely how different systems of vaccination and the systems of sanctions implemented in different countries impact on vaccine hesitancy. Furthermore, the institutional and organisational aspects of the vaccine governance of professional practices are also discussed in the section.

The deliverable closes with a sober epilogue that synthesises the main results of the comparative analysis of ethnographic data, considering both the theoretical and pragmatic (namely intervention) dimensions.