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The dementia-friendly community and its implications for healthcare

Publication at Second Faculty of Medicine, Third Faculty of Medicine |


Principal goal of the article is to inform health care professionals about the concept of dementia-friendly community (DFC) reflecting the contemporary thinking of living with dementia, i.e. dementia as a disability, equal human rights, a sense of meaning. Experiences from abroad and from the Czechia are discussed with special attention to implementation of this concept in the health care facilities.

The National Action Plan for Alzheimer's Disease 2020-2030 (NAPAN) is presented, which shows that the Czech Government, ministries, specialists, care providers, informal careers and even the people with dementia worked together on the improvement in this field. The purpose of this paper is to bring the principles of DFC closer to the physicians and other health care professionals and support friendly and helpful approach to people living with dementia when providing health care to them.

The multidisciplinary cooperation of GPs, geriatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists etc. is emphasized. An example of a regional project in Middle Bohemia is presented looking for criteria and ways of evaluation of the effect of DFC.