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Water losses in the Všechlapy reservoir basin and the possibilities of their reduction during the hydrological drought

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Water losses in the Loučenský brook and Bouřlivec basins are detected mainly on the basis of longitudinal profiling of flows and recorded water withdrawals. Flow measurements were carried out on a total of 43 profiles in five different hydrological conditions with a focus on the dry season in 2020 and 2022.

The results show that there is a need to look for reserves in two areas. Firstly, in the management of the ponds, where it appears that a significant amount of water is being lost throughout the basins, and secondly, in the small-scale users who draw water for their own use.

Although there are other very significant losses of water in the basin, this water is being used and it is not possible to reduce these withdrawals. Based on these analyses, were created proposal for water abstraction rules in the Loučenský brook and Bouřlivec basins.