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Children's pneumology

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Second Faculty of Medicine, Third Faculty of Medicine |


This is a revised and supplemented edition of the children's pneumology textbook. A clear and clinical practice focused book with guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory system diseases in children and adolescents provides a range of practical advice for solving acute or chronic respiratory problems.

The book includes general chapters (patients' history, physical and laboratory examination, functional lung examination, endoscopic examination) and special chapters (infectious and chronic respiratory diseases, respiratory manifestations of selected extrapulmonary diseases, congenital developmental defects). Rehabilitation and spa treatment are also discussed.

The new edition is completely updated, new chapters are added (tumour diseases, non-invasive pulmonary ventilation, pulmonary manifestations of oncolo gical diseases, respiratory issues of immunodeficiency states, covid-19 and children's lungs, palliative care). A book of a similar scope and depth on the topic of the paediatric pneumology has not yet been published in the Czech medical literature.

It is intended for postgraduate students, it will interest paediatricians, general practitioners for children and adolescents, paediatric and adult pulmonologists and allergists.