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Comparison of COVID-19 epidemic among Czech dentists and the Czech general population

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové |


Dentists are one of the professional groups most at risk for COVID-19 infection. Enhanced protective measures in dentistry have been adopted worldwide; however, it is unclear to what extent they were sufficient.

To assess whether the protective measures outweighed the high infection risk, we compared COVID-19-related data between Czech dentists and the general Czech population. The data was obtained through a survey study attended by 15.8% of Czech Dental Chamber members.

Data of the general population were acquired from the Czech Ministry of Health database. By the end of May 2022, COVID-19 full vaccination and 1st booster dose rates among study participants were 85.8% and 70.1%, respectively, which is significantly higher (p<0.0001) compared to the Czech general population aged over 24 years (74.9% and 49.4%, respectively).

To the same date, PCR/Antigen test verified COVID-19 prevalence among participants was 41.7%, and 49.9% among the general population (p<0.0001). Prevalence and reinfection rates among individuals who received the 1st booster were significantly lower than among individuals without the booster or full vaccination (p<0.0001).

Persons who received the booster showed a faster return to work, shorter and different types of complications. Willingness to future vaccination was positive among 79.7% of respondents.

Mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers and the general population was supported by 62.0% and 49.0%, respectively. The results showed that the high risk of COVID-19 infection associated with dentistry did not lead to higher COVID-19 prevalence among respondents compared to the general population.