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Modern English I

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1. SUCCESS (WEEK 1-4) part A: Finding a job (week 1+2)

Language input: collocations adj. + noun, phrasal verbs + TAKE expressions, mixed verb forms (present/past; simple/perfect/continuous)

Irregular verbs

Vince self-study:  G1: present time, G3: past time, G4: present perfect part B: Learning experiences (week 3+4)

Language input:  vocabulary of feelings, the passive

Formal essay: register, academic English, cohesion, coherence

Vince self-study: G5: passive 1, G6: passive 2  2. NEW DIRECTIONS (WEEK 5-8) part A: Making a difference (week 5+6)

Language input: describing attitudes, describing characteristics, phrasal verbs, relative clauses

Vince self-study: G15: relative and non-finite clauses, G22: linking words and phrases, V9: people and relationships part B: A second chance (week 7+8)

Language input: articles, singular/plural nouns, determiners and pronouns

Vince self-study: G14: articles 3. LEISURE TIME (WEEK 9-12) part A: The creative instinct (week 9+10)

Language input: synonyms + phrasal verbs, verbs to describe sounds, metaphors, future forms

Vince self-study: G2: future time, V1: leisure activities part B: Stars in their eyes (week 11+12)

Language input: entertainment, exchanging ideas, modals and semi-modals (necessity, prohibition, advice, criticism, permission, ability, possibility, probability, deduction)

Vince self-study: G9: modals, present and future, G10: modals, past,  V11: entertainment


The course consists of a total of three 45-minute lessons per week. Sign up for 1x 90 minute lesson + 1x 45 minute lesson!

The aim of the subject is to develop students' language skills from B2 level to C1 level (CEFR). The course works with students on the development of practical skills regarding speaking, reading, listening and writing. The course is based on systematic work with the core textbook, however, there are also obligatory resources required by the teacher.