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Student activation methods in education - intensive workshop

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The course consists of virtual pre- and post-meetings and a one-week, face-to-face workshop (see the schedule). The virtual part of the project is aimed at preparing international groups of students for the intensive workshop itself.

After an initial joint session mainly devoted to organisational issues, an activity will be carried out with the students to identify their interests in specific topics. On this basis, they will be divided into groups.

The groups will then develop an initial plan for a learning activity, which will be refined as the intensive workshop progresses. The virtual part will also take place one week after the workshop.

The aim of this part is mainly to reflect on the whole programme. The physical, on-site part consists of a series of short interactive lectures on various topics in the field of activation strategies in teaching (project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning) in the context of sustainability, and above all in facilitated work by groups of students on their proposals for the activities.

Finally, the physical part of the course includes the active participation of students in an international conference organised on the last two days of the course.