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The International Perspective on Out-of-School Science Education - The Project DOSLECTEP

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Project Erasmus+ Developing an Out-of-School Learning Curriculum for Teacher Education Programs (DOSLECTEP) was carried out by a team of academics from four European countries (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Türkiye). The project aimed to develop a new curriculum following the Bologna Process guidelines to provide out-of-school education contribution to formal education environments.

The modules, including learning materials and activities, can be used in out-of-school learning courses in science teacher education programs and some secondary schools. The main outputs are eBook (Şen et al., 2021) and a curriculum that includes learning modules (Şen et al., 2022).

The eBook contains a cross-cultural analysis of out-of-school learning in Europe and offers tangible literature for all out-of-school studies, venues, and learning materials used in these European countries. The Curriculum consist of four different modules from the definition of out-of-school learning, through how to make different applications in different out-of-school learning environments, to examples of applied assessment-evaluation for out-of-school learning.

These modules aim to combine the theoretical information with examples of activities from all four countries (Disaster and Emergency Education Centre in Türkiye, Museums and Workshops of Alchemy and Pharmacy in Czech Republic, Coffee Roastery in Slovakia, and Science Camps as a Holiday Experience in Germany).